National Seminar on Journey of Bioscience from Wild to Urban & What Next ? April 27, 2018

Special Issue A6| April, 2018


Biochemical changes in Rumexacetosa infected with Mancozeb resistant fusarium proliferatum

Ambuse MG and Bhale UN

Special Issue A5:2018:1-5

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Vermicomposting is best solution for disposal of organic waste as renuable source for organic farming, gardening, tree plantation and other organizations

Sirsat Chandrakant V

Special Issue A5:2018:6-10

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Effect of light intensity on health status of broiler chicks of selected poultry farms in Aurangabad district, (MS) India

Naphade ST and Badhe SG and Naphade SR

Special Issue A5:2018:11-14

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Species Diversity and Distribution of Butterflies from Daulatabad Fort area of Aurangabad District (MS)

Nimbalkar RK* and Avhad MB

Special Issue A5:2018:15-19

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Diversity of Butterflies from Ajanta Caves area of Aurangabad District (MS)

Nimbalkar RK

Special Issue A5:2018:20-25

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Phytochemical and Taxonomical Studies of Lepidium sativum L. (Brassicaceae)

Sangekar SN, Devarkar VD, Shaikh TJ, Shahane MK and Kshirsagar UM

Special Issue A5:2018:26-32

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Preliminary qualitative phytochemical screening of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of different parts of Semecarpus anacardium Linn.

Solankar BM, Mulani RM and Kadam RM

Special Issue A5:2018:33-38

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Qualitative Analysis of Chemical Compounds of Gums Collected from Plants of Ajantha Forest

Badar KV, Pawar BT and Chavan AM

Special Issue A5:2018:39-42

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Antifungal activity of C Alotropis gigantea leaf extract against seed-borne pathogenic fungi

Pawar NT, Pawar BT and Sawant RJ

Special Issue A5:2018:43-45

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Preliminary survey of medicinal plants from Shri. Shivaji college campus Parbhani (MS)India

Sabiha V Syed (Bagwan)

Special Issue A5:2018:46-48

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Phytopalnkton diveristy in Mangi Dam, in Karmala, (M.S.) India

Lawanad DP, Ghate SM, Jadhav HK and Dange SS

Special Issue A5:2018:49-50

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Fish diversity and Topography of Thodga reservoir Dist Latur (MS), India

Patil Prashant V

Special Issue A5:2018:51-53

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Piscivorous birds of Kunsawali tank, Osmanabad.

Pawar CV, Jadhav HK and Babare MG

Special Issue A5:2018:54-55

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Enumeration of ethnomedicinally important plants used by Mahadev Koli tribe in Osmanabad district MS, India

Kshirsagar UH, Devarkar VD, Sangekar SN and Shahane MK

Special Issue A5:2018:56-62

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Solid Wastes Management in Sunderrao Solanke Mahavidyalaya, Majalgaon, District Beed, Maharashtra, India

Salunkhe IB, Pawar RT and Gosavi SN

Special Issue A5:2018:63-68

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Some important ethnobotanical plants used by tribals of solapur district (Maharashtra) India

Shahane MK Devarkar VD Sangekar SN and Kshirsagar UH

Special Issue A5:2018:69-71

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Histopathological study of the cestode Calycobothrium walgae n.sp. from the fish Dasyatis walga at Shiroda, Sindhudurg Dist. (M.S.) India.

Rajput KH

Special Issue A5:2018:72-74

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Hydrobiology of reservoir Thodga, Ahmedpur Dist. Latur 413515 (MS) India

Patil Prashant V

Special Issue A5:2018:75-77

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